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Building a Fashionable Diaper Bag with Changing Pad


Welcome to Big Sweety, the home of a revolutionary new diaper bag with changing pad.

The creators of the Big Sweety diaper bags are delighted to share our extra special, stylish diaper bags with you and we just know you’re going to love them.

Our baby travel bags are compact super bags. They contain everything you will need to look after your baby while out and about.

These designer changing bags come with a changing pad included, which easily folds away inside the bag and leaves plenty of space spare. These diaper bags also boast 11 separate compartments. When you’ve got diapers, wipes, clothes, toys and baby food to transport, you’ll soon discover you can never have enough storage compartments in your bag.

These compartments allow for great organisation, so you can carry everything you need and never lose anything. The Big Sweety diaper bag with changing pad also has two specially insulated pouches, which are ideal for storing milk bottles.

You’re probably wondering what makes this diaper bag so special? Well, in addition to being an ultra-compact diaper bag with changing pad that maximises storage, it is also a highly fashionable handbag.


Why Big Sweety Designed High-Fashion Diaper Bags


The creators of Big Sweety were inspired by their own families to bring a brand-new product to the market. Our diaper bag with changing pad was designed to be an innovative new approach to changing bags, which can often favour practicality to the detriment of fashion and personal expression.

Motherhood is an exciting and magical journey but as any new parent will tell you, it isn’t always easy. Taking care of your little ones can be very challenging and one feature that never fails to surprise new parents is the sheer amount of equipment a new baby requires. That’s before you even consider journeying out of the house with them.

As inspiring and fulfilling as motherhood can be, many feel that their own sense of style and identity is reduced after baby arrives on the scene. With so much equipment to remember, it is easy to see why other diaper bags have been a bit of an eye sore to say the least.

The other major downside of all this new baby equipment, is what do you do with it when you return to work and as your baby gets older?

Diaper bags are a significant investment for something you wouldn’t want to be seen carrying around unless you have to. This was the problem Big Sweety wanted to solve.

Our product was inspired by the mothers in our family who possessed style, grace and wanted to keep looking their best while having everything they require for their babies on the go.

The great thing about the Big Sweety diaper bags is that they look exactly like a stylish work bag. Our bags have been a huge hit with working moms. With their superior compartments, they put all other purses to shame. Even after baby is grown you can keep makeup, keys, your smartphone, important work documents and iPad all safely secured and organised in your new dual work and diaper bag.

It isn’t just perfect for the work place. Whether you’re a proud working or stay at home mom, this diaper bag with changing pad will serve you faithfully in so many environments. It makes an excellent baby travel bag or simply your own trendy travel bag. No need to worry about overflowing hand luggage when you fly with all the Big Sweety bag’s compartments.


Choose Your Perfect Diaper Bag


Fashion and motherhood are two things that are very close to our hearts at Big Sweety. That is why our bag is both the ultimate diaper bag with changing pad, while appearing just like a high-fashion, leather look designer purse.

Our bags are also one of the most affordable options on the market for designer changing bags and we believe in keeping our prices competitive, so you can look and feel great.

Our range now includes three sleek colors to pair with any look. Browse the designer diaper bag with changing pad in cool gray, warm caramel and classic black and order online today.