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Meet the Ultimate Designer Diaper Bag from Big Sweety

Why compromise?

We all know that with the joys and bliss of motherhood come some big challenges. You must be prepared with everything your baby needs while out and about. New mothers soon realise that stepping out with baby means a lot of equipment!

From changing mats, diapers and wipes to bottles, toys and spare clothes; journeying out of the house becomes no small feat with your bundle of joy in tow. This is where diaper bags come into play - unfortunately most baby changing bags have sacrificed beauty for the sake of convenience.
Why can’t a fashionable leather purse, that effortlessly suits every outfit, also be the best diaper bag you ever bought? Well, now it can.

What Makes Big Sweety, the Best Baby Changing Bag on the Market?

With the Big Sweety Diaper Bag you will benefit from
A generously sized Vegan leather diaper bag purse at 15” x 10” x 7”
A choice of 3 chic colors in gorgeous leather, including classic black, sleek gray and trendy caramel
More space than you could ever need with 11 separate compartments
2 specially insulated pouches for baby’s bottles
A dual sided diaper changing mat that fits seamlessly inside, with an EVA side and cotton side for winter changing
A long removable strap, so you can wear it over the shoulder, hand held or over the handles of your stroller
Browse 3 stunning colors & buy the bag today!

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Great bag, well worth its money!!!

This diaper bag is just what I wanted!! It is stylish and functional, and the more important is the large capacity. Has a great amount of pockets which keeps the bag very organized, absolutely perfect!...

Impressed with the quality of this "diaper" bag

I was impressed with this bag. It's very sturdy and luxurious more than I expected. Anyone passing us on the street would not dream this is a diaper bag!